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December 13, 2017
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WOUB Local News
Working Woman Supporting Obama
(WOUB) - State Representative Jennifer Garrison of Marietta said she's a working mother of three, and she supports Barack Obama for president because he supports women like her.

Garrison said, "Barack Obama believes its time for a new approach supporting hardworking families for the economic downturn times and he supports women who are juggling their work and their family obligations and that's why I support him."

Garrison - a Democrat - spoke out for her party's presumptive nominee this past week during a teleconference featuring several other female lawmakers.

She said those who she represents, the people in rural Ohio, are having trouble making ends meet and Obama is prepared to help them out.

Obama's official campaign website said he plans to cut income taxes by a thousand dollars for working families through the "making work pay" tax cut.

Garrision said Obama is the only political candidate who's prepared to help out working families.

"Families are hurting but senator mccain doesn't have any short term economic plans and is not offering relief for the middle class," Garrison said.

But John McCain's official campaign website tells a different story.

It said McCain will permanently repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax - a tax that is almost exclusively paid by middle class families.

McCain said that under his plan, a middle class family with children set to pay the A-M-T will save an average of 27 hundred dollars, which he says is a real tax cut for working families.
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