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July 17, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Wayne National Forest under critique
(WOUB) - A study commissioned by two environmental groups criticizes the Wayne National Forest's management plan for not maximizing "public benefits."

Heartwood and the Buckeye Forest Council hired the GreenFire Consulting Group to review and evaluate the 15 year plan adopted by the Wayne in 2006.

The study says the Wayne plan puts too much significance on burning, logging and mining.

Study author Christine Glaser says it would be better if the land was used more for recreational purposes.

Glaser recommends the Wayne refrain from activities that disturb the natural process, and take out roads and off road vehicle trails to restore the forest's natural state.

However, Wayne National Forest Public Affairs Officer Gary Chancey defends the plan.

He says it went through a legal process and has already been approved.

Chancey says the Wayne is moving forward with implementing the management plan.
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