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December 12, 2017
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WOUB Local News
Visitation Center helps parents see their children
(WOUB) - Divorce, separation, domestic violence.

They happen all the time.

And when children are involved, they can suffer the consequences.

But in Athens County there is a way to preserve healthy parent-child relationships through difficult times -- the Supervised Visitation Center.

The Center provides a safe and neutral setting for non-custodial parents to see their kids.

Jordan Cutright is the coordinator of the program.

"It ensures that the child gets contact with both parents. It prevents victims from having to face their batterers," Cutright says.

"It allows a sense of security for the child to see the other parent, and to see that they're okay, and without that child having to be placed in the middle or used as a pawn," she says, "And they don't have to be faced with details of the court case and that kind of thing, and they can just visit with their parent."

The visitations are usually on Friday or Sunday afternoons.

The Athens County Supervised Visitation Center is one of only 32 such centers in Ohio.

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