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December 12, 2017
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Ohio Congressmen among majority for jobless bill
(WOUB) - Southeast Ohio's two Congressmen were among a two-to-one majority in the House to vote for a measure providing three months of additional jobless benefits for all unemployed Americans.

Democrats Charlie Wilson and Zack Space both voted to extend unemployment benefits up to 13 additional weeks for workers who have exhausted the 26 weeks of regular unemployment benefits.

But, it's not at all certain that the Senate will even consider the measure.

Senate Democrats have said they won't try to force their Republican colleagues to consider the measure.

Majority Leader Harry Reid says he'll try to bring it up, but that he won't force
the issue if Republicans object.

The administration and Republican lawmakers say they'd rather see a bill that provides the extra benefits only to states that have high unemployment.
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