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September 21, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Biodiesel as a cleaner American fuel
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Jay Brown is the director of transportation for the New Bakery Company, which means he's in charge of the trucks that deliver all those hamburger buns to Wendy's.

One of his big concerns these days is the price of diesel fuel, which seems to be going up faster than you can say "Supersize me."

Brown's response is to order-up an alternative, known as biodiesel.

Brown said, "We need to show the public that biodiesel works and that it will work in any diesel engine so we can get the demand up and the price should go down, make it more competitive and be a replacement for diesel fuel."

Brown said his Zanesville-area company has been using up to 90 percent biodiesel and has had no problems.

Brown was at Hocking College yesterday for a BioFuels Roundtable.

It was the second such meeting being held around Ohio by the group Clean Fuels Ohio, which is trying to increase the use of biodiesel.

A representative for Clean Fuel's Ohio said, "It's good for the farmers, it creates jobs in the farming community. It creates jobs for the processors and distributors who handle the fuel and they're right here in this country and that's the important thing."

Clean Fuels Ohio is a non-profit organization which is trying to "increase the use of cleaner American fuels," including natural gas, propane and ethanol.

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