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July 15, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
New method for handling plagiarism
(WOUB) - Ohio University's College of Engineering has changed the way it handles plagiarism charges.

A spokeswoman says the dean wanted to "ensure there was no conflict of interest"...but a critic contends there are still problems.

College External Relations Director Colleen Carrow says plagiarism allegations involving CURRENT students will "go straight to University Judiciaries."

Charges involving GRADUATES will go first to an "external investigator" and then to the Academic Honesty Hearing Committee.

Graduate Tom Matrka says the college should have taken itself out of the process a long time ago.

Matrka has been reporting incidents of plagiarism since 2005 and continues to do so.

He complains evidence turned over just a couple weeks ago has been ignored.

Matrka says he wants to see the College of Engineering make a turn for the better but the faculty has used professors Jay Gunasekera and Bhavin Mehta as scapegoats.

According to Carrow, the external investigator will be someone within the University but outside of the College.

She says the new procedures were put in place by the dean with the approval of O-U's executive vice president and legal affairs.
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