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July 19, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Glenn museum acquires early sign put up by hometown
(WOUB) - The eastern Ohio museum honoring former U.S. Senator John Glenn has acquired a sign put up in his proud hometown when he was a young astronaut who hadn't yet flown in space.

Lorle Porter with the John and Annie Glenn Historic Site in New Concord says the sign turned up in an antiques mall. It was auctioned in Columbus and purchased for the museum.

The white sign with black lettering has two small graphics of rockets, and it reads: "New Concord, O. Home of Lt. Col. John H. Glenn Jr. Mercury Astronaut Flight Space Candidate."

Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth in the tiny Mercury 7 capsule in 1962.

The museum fashioned from Glenn's boyhood home opened for the season on Wednesday. Another new attraction is a space helmet
similar to Glenn's.
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