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July 19, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Hocking College Review
(WOUB) - An outside review of the executive mentoring program at Hocking College is finished - and found no wrongdoing by the college.

The program drew criticism because business executives who did the mentoring said they were awarded associate degrees from the Nelsonville school.

The college hired Jeff Hockaday of Hockaday-Hunter Associates of Sanford, North Carolina to conduct the review.

WOUB News made a public records request for Hockaday's report.

Hockaday concluded no degrees were awarded to mentors of the program.

But, Rocky Brands Chairman Mike Brooks told WOUB News he was one of the mentors who was awarded a degree.

He says Hockaday never called to speak with him while conducting the review and Brooks says his records at Hocking College indicated he had an associates degree he never earned.

Brooks says the college may have revoked the degree since the controversy surfaced, but he has a copy of it in his office.

The Hocking College Board of Trustees placed the program in suspension after the allegations surfaced.

Hockaday's report also says there were no fiscal improprieties with the program and that the majority of program graduates felt the program was a good one.

The Ohio Board of Regents had questions regarding the program - and asked Hocking College to investigate.

Hockaday's report has been sent to the Board of Regents for review.
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