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July 20, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
OU-Z and Wendy's teaming up on bio-diesel project
(WOUB) - Researchers at the Zanesville Campus of Ohio University are teaming up with the fast food chain Wendy's to see if french fries and other fried goods can help the environment.

O.U. Zanesville chemistry students are testing bio-diesel fuel produced from old vegetable oil waste from fryers at Wendy's restaurants to determine if it can be used to run the fast food company's fleet of vehicles.

A few years ago, Wendy's switched the type of oil it uses to fry foods and, at the time, the company said the new oil was healthier and would be a better source for producing bio-diesel fuel.

O.U.-Z chemistry professor Shahrokh Ghaffari is overseeing the research.

He says right now they are converting the fryer waste to fuel on a small scale to see if it can be done efficiently enough to be used by the company.

Ghaffari says he hopes to have early results by this summer.
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