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July 23, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Restitution for trophy deer and other wildlife
(WOUB) - If you illegally kill a trophy deer in Ohio, you could be ordered to pay more than eight-thousand dollars for the animal.

Legislation raising the restitution value of highly-sought-after bucks and other wildlife recently went into effect.

The bill was enacted to reduce poaching.

Susie Vance of the Ohio Division of Wildlife says the one value to go down is for antlerless deer...which are so abundant in Ohio.

A formula was used to reflect the current status and scarcity of various species.

The monetary value of most wildlife ranges anywhere from $20 to nearly $2,500....with some fish on the low end and the trumpeter swan on the high end.

Trophy deer are much higher -- in a special category that scores the antlers.

Court ordered restitution goes into the Ohio Wildlife Fund...which Vance says pays for the Ohio Division of Wildlife's operations.

The new restitution schedule stems from legislation co-sponsored by Southeast Ohio State Representative Jimmy Stewart.

The last time restitutions were evaluated was 1994.

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