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October 20, 2017
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WOUB Local News
Congressman Wilson's economic tour comes to Meigs County
Rep. Charlie Wilson (D), 6th District
(WOUB) - Congressman Charlie Wilson has been traveling down the Ohio River to find out what residents of his district have to say about the economy.

His four day tour included a stop yesterday in Pomeroy, where Gloria Kloes expressed concern about high unemployment.

"We really need jobs in this area -- we've waited so long to have something and I think we need plants and just ... anything we can get," she said.

Wilson, a Democrat, started his trip Monday in the northern part of the 6th Congressional District and went to Caldwell and Marietta, among other places.

He says there, too, people are worried about the economy.

"We found that there's a common thread that runs up and down the river. And it's one about unemployment, it's one about increased health care, increased expense, increase in education, and people not being able to pay for the things they should be able to do," Wilson said.

But dollars and cents matters are not the only ones on people's minds.

Wilson also heard from several disabled veterans, including Chuck Overby, who complained of expensive co-payments and long waits at veterans hospitals.

"I've been in a few of the Veterans hospitals, and it's so sad because once they have gone to fight for America, we forget about Veterans," Overby said.

Wilson's so-called Economic Listening Tour was scheduled to finish last night in Ironton.
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