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September 19, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Enforcing conservation practices around streams
(WOUB) - The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency says enforcing conservation practices and installing more defenses around streams running through Meigs County can greatly improve water quality.

An official with the Leading Creek Watershed says his group is doing those things and more.

The Ohio E-P-A recently completed a report indicating that many areas of the watershed are polluted.

Leading Creek Watershed Coordinator Jim Freeman says his group is not surprised by these findings.

Freeman says that along with agricultural and mine impacts, residences along the streams can have negative effects as well.

Some houses have failing septic systems that leak sewage into the streams.

Leading Creek is continuing to work on these problems, including educating people through an outreach effort.

Freeman says the Watershed has hosted a clean up day for the past eight years and will have its next one on April 19th.

The organization would also like to plant more trees, shrubs and grasses along the banks.

Leading Creek is also applying for funding to install a limestone doser in order to reduce acid within the streams.
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