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July 22, 2018
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WOUB Local News
Strickland calls for veterans department, energy re-regulation, educational improvements and economic recovery
(WOUB) - Governor Strickland says education is the central issue he faces, and he's determined to bring real results.

The Democrat has told lawmakers in his second State of the State speech that he wants to take greater control over the Ohio Department of Education.

It would be overseen by a new education director, with the state school board and superintendent retaining only limited authority.

Another proposal from the governor would allow Ohio high school students to spend their senior year studying for free and earning college credits at one of the state's public universities.

Also, Strickland says he wants to make a high-quality associate or bachelor's degree available within 30 miles of every Ohioan.

The Governor also proposed a 1.7 billion dollar economic stimulus package that he says will create 80,000 new jobs.

The money will be raised through the sale of bonds and will be used for projects to improve roads, bridges and ports and develop alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power.

Strickland says the state also will invest in plastics and other projects made without petroleum.

To illustrate the point, he held up for lawmakers a red mug he said was made in Ohio from corn-based plastic.

The Southern Ohio native is also promising to crack down on subprime lenders to help victims of foreclosures.

Strickland has told lawmakers that he has ordered the state Commerce Department to draft rules covering subprime lenders to help alleviate the foreclosure crisis.

He said the lenders should be ashamed of themselves because they've kept silent during the state's efforts to help Ohioans threatened with losing their homes.

The Democrat says his administration will not sit idly by and watch some subprime lenders weaken the state and its families.

Strickland has announced he wants to create a new state agency serving veterans.

At the start of his second State of the State address, Strickland said today that a cabinet-level department is needed as the number of veterans increases and are in need of a variety of state services.

He notes that the U.S. military is giving the Ohio National Guard its biggest call-up since World War II.

The Democrat says what's unfortunate is that the state's services for veterans are now scattered among many programs.
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