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July 15, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Athens switches to "green" streetlights
(WOUB) - The City of Athens is working to be more green, and it's paying off.

Switching to more energy efficient traffic lights and street lights has cut the city's monthly electric bill in half.

Street Department Director Andy Stone says the city has changed the street lights on Court Street from incandescent to more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.

The plan now is to change all traffic lights to energy saving LED bulbs.

There are 38 intersections in the city with traffic signals, and about half have been changed so far.

Stone says the entire project will cost about $45,000.

The city received a $15,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission to help with expenses.

But Stone says that the energy savings will pay for the entire project in about two years, because the city will cut down on its number one energy drain.

The project should be finished by November.
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