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August 16, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Budget cuts coming to Lawrence County
(WOUB) - Lawrence County government officials are bracing for heavy budget cuts in the wake of a substantial budget shortfall for this year.

County Auditor Ray Dutey says several offices may even face job cuts as the county prepares to get its finances in place for the upcoming year.

He says Lawrence County only had a budget carryover from last year of less than $100-thousand.

That's compared to nearly half a million dollars in most years.

So, Dutey says the county is on pace to overspend its nearly $10-million budget for 2008 because of that low carryover.

He says in order to continue to operate basic services, like the courthouse, for a full year, there must be budget cuts.

Dutey says the Lawrence County Commissioners met yesterday (tuesday) with each county office to discuss the possible cuts.

Each office faces reductions of up to 20 percent and Dutey says the cuts will have to be widespread to be effective.

The commissioners will announce the proposed budget cuts tomorrow.
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