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July 19, 2018
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WOUB Local News
McDavis comments on baseball gambling allegations
(WOUB) - Ohio University President Roderick McDavis says he's not blaming coaches or administrators in the athletic department for an alleged gambling ring involving some OU baseball players.

WOUB News talked with McDavis yesterday in a one-on-one interview.

"What we've learned is that we've got to maybe give some thought to what can we do to deal with the behavior side of this?" McDavis said. "So again, I'm not focusing on you know the coaches or the athletic director.

"I'm focusing on student behavior," McDavis said. "I'm focusing on the fact that these kinds of incidents not only occur at our university, but they occur at others."

The "other" schools McDavis refers to include the University of Toledo, which had its own gambling problems last year when a football player was accused of taking bribes from a gambler.

OU pitcher Andrew Shisila and former teammate Brent Decoster have been charged with misdemeanor gambling but are pleading not guilty.

The Columbus Dispatch reports the pleas were entered Thursday by an attorney.

Two other unnamed Ohio baseball players have been suspended from the team for placing bets.

The Dispatch also quotes the father of an ex-player caught up in the investigation as saying the activity involved only $10 to $20 bets among a small group of friends.

The newspaper says the original tip claimed the gambling ring involved more than 50 people and thousands of dollars in bets.

An investigation by the Ohio University Police Department identified only eight people were involved.
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