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September 22, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Mehta case wraps up
(WOUB) - A former Ohio University professor will likely have to wait until the spring to find out if he proved to a state Court of Claims judge that he was slandered by the university when it fired him for his role in a plagiarism scandal.

Attorney Fred Gittes says the case of Bhavin Mehta wrapped up Thursday.

Mehta taught in the School of Engineering when several students were accused of cheating and he was held responsible for his role as an advisor.

He contends he was made a scape-goat.

Gittes says the judge will likely make a decision after post trial briefs are filed by lawyers on both sides in mid-March.

Mehta has already beaten O.U. once in a case he took before the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

The Commission found probable cause that the university acted unlawfully.

O-U is appealing.
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