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July 15, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Fish program receives federal funds
(WOUB) - More than half a million dollars coming from the federal government will help keep an Ohio aquaculture research program a float.

But without the $621-thousand in the federal omnibus appropriations bill, Ohio State University researcher Laura Tiu says the program to study yellow perch will be sunk.

Tiu is an aquaculture specialist at an O-S-U branch campus in Piketon.

She works with the Ohio Center for Aquaculture Development.

For five years, the group has been engineering yellow perch to increase their growth rate.

The goal is to bring 99 percent of the fish on Ohio's 200 fish farms to full size in 18 months.

Tiu says the research will help the United States decrease the amount of seafood it brings into the country.

She says right now the U-S imports 50 percent of its seafood

Tiu says her team has already engineered a group of yellow perch so that 60 percent are currently reaching full growth within the time limit.

Without the federal money, Tiu says the program will probably be put on hold.

The omnibus appropriations bill is on its way to the president awaiting his signature to become law.
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