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July 20, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
State Auditor concerned with South Point grants
(WOUB) - State Auditor Mary Taylor says "serious concerns" regarding South Point Local School District's management of federal grant funds "is a recurring issue and should be addressed and corrected."

Taylor issued the statement with the release of an audit report of the Lawrence County district for fiscal year 2006.

The report outlines a total of $556,000 in questioned costs that were improperly charged to federal programs.

This includes:
$425,000 for grant funds the district improperly recorded and reported.
$68,000 in employee retirement contribution payments that should not have been charged to the grant fund.
and $63,000 that was spent outside the allowable time period.

Also, the report indicates that district officials forfeited $222,000 in special education grant funds they were awarded but never used.

Back in May, South Point was declared "unauditable" for fiscal year 2006 because financial documents and other records were missing, inaccurate or incomplete.

And earlier this month, the district was declared "unauditable" for the second year in a row.

Other significant issues revealed in the report include: The failure to pass an appropriation measure for the entire school year that resulted in the district overspending in every fund, indications that the school treasurer was not properly bonded, inaccurate and incomplete transactions posted to the district's accounting system and several instances of missing financial records and other documents causing a lengthy delay in the audit process.
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