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July 22, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
As credit card debt piles up, know your credit history
(WOUB) - Unpaid credit card bills are piling up in a nation seemingly obsessed with plastic.

An Associated Press analysis of financial data shows Americans are falling behind on
their payments at an alarming rate, resulting in a surge of delinquencies and defaults.

Danita Sharp and Laura Pratt know all about credit card issues.

They're with the Ohio University Credit Union in Athens.

Sharp is the mortgage manager, and we asked her about credit reports.

Your credit report has four sections: identifying information, public records, credit history and inquiries.

If you've had money problems - such as bankruptcy or overdue child support - that will show up in the public records section.

And the inquiries category shows what creditors have checked you out.

But Sharp says the bulk of your credit report will include your credit history.

Experts recommend getting a free credit report from a trustworthy source - such as

Tomorrow, Laura Pratt talks about credit repair.

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