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December 15, 2017
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Little Hocking C8 levels lower
(WOUB) - New tests show lower levels of C-8 in the area served by Little Hocking Water Association.

However, a district official says that's not good enough...and he wants DuPont to keep providing bottled water to residents.

That's not necessary, is the response by DuPont.

The request for continued bottled water comes from Little Hocking general manager Robert Griffin.

Griffin wants the C-8 levels to be even lower before DuPont ends the program.

But DuPont's Dan Turner says the company has done what it promised and now that the tests show C-8 "well below" the E-P-A standard, paying for bottled water is not necessary...and that will stop after Friday.

Griffin, though, says better save than sorry.

DuPont disputes it but some scientists claim C-8 can cause cancer.
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