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August 17, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Deadline extended
(WOUB) - The Athens Planning Commission has granted a deadline extension to a project that has created a rift in the community for two years.

The project involved Ohio University leasing 16 acres near Stimson Avenue to the nonprofit group National Church Residences for building a retirement center.

But residents concerned about building on the flood plain, losing community green space and the potential increase of traffic have been against the project.

These citizens as well as competitors have filed lawsuits against NCR and OU and sent complaints to the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.

Athens residents on both sides of the issue spoke before the commission Thursday.

Jeanne Wells of Athens plans to move into the facility once its built..

The half-way point deadline has been pushed back to 2009 and the five-year completed construction deadline has been pushed back to 2012.

Members of the planning commission say the additional two years were granted to make up for the amount of time NCR and OU have had to spend in litigation.

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