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July 17, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Fill dirt for sale?
(WOUB) - It looks like J.B. Hayes may be able to put up a "fill dirt for sale" sign before too long.

The Athens area developer wants to dig out a 13-acre site along US 50 just outside Athens and an Ohio Division of Mineral Resources Management official says his application appears to be acceptable.

Division Regional Manager Dave Clark hosted an informal conference last night attended by approximately 40 people who mostly asked questions about state regulations and the permit request.

But some, like David Gedeon, did more than that -- they raised concerns about possible harm to the environment.

Others said simply that the proposed mining for fill material would be an eyesore.

Hayes has already clear-cut the site of timber and that prompted an outcry from some in the community, which then led to last night's meeting.

Meanwhile, a conservation group has been negotiating with Hayes to purchase the land so it can be preserved.
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