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August 16, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
OU students to pay for Halloweend guests
(WOUB) - Some Ohio University students who are hosting guests this upcoming Halloween weekend will have to fork over a little cash.

For the first time, O-U is requiring students who live in dorms to pay for their overnight guest during the annual uptown block party.

The university is charging students $25 for each guest spending a night in the dorms.

The fee is in an attempt to recoup some extra costs that school spends during Halloween.

According to the Department of Residence Life, O-U spends about $90,000 each year for extra security, waste clean up, and damage repairs.

Even so, students are not happy about the new fee.

"It's not a hotel, like our friends are coming down, and you should not have to pay $25 to come stay down here. I think the campus is going to make a whole bunch of money off that, and it just, I think it is stupid and it really should not happen," said Lauren Moore, a sophomore at O.U. who lives in Treudley Hall.

Moore hosted out of town guests last year and she says even with the new fee she still plans on having friends come into town.

Students who register guests that do not show up will not be charged the $25.
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