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September 20, 2018
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WOUB Local News
Woodward Speaks at Ohio University
(WOUB) - One of the world's best-known investigative journalists says 98% of what happens is never reported or discovered too late, and it's the job of journalists to bring more information to the public's attention.

Bob Woodward is speaking at Ohio University as part of the Kennedy Lecture Series.

The Pulitzer Prize winner is receiving the Scripps School of Journalism's Carr Van Anda Award.

Woodward is currently managing editor at the Washington Post, but rose to fame, along with Carl Bernstein, for an investigation into the Watergate office building burglary which led to the end of Richard Nixon's presidency.

Woodward says it's important that journalists be more critical of the presidency and expose more information.

Even though he knows he's in the minority, Woodward also says that journalists need to use more anonymous sources to bring more information into the public eye.

In 2006, Woodward wrote the best-selling novel "State of Denial", which examines the Bush administration and the war in Iraq.

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