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July 21, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
SCHIP veto will hurt Albany girl
(WOUB) - President Bush is expected to pick up his veto pen today, and that's going to make Margaret Demko unhappy.

Demko lives in Albany and is the mother of a little girl with Down Syndrome, and she's been working in support of a children's health insurance plan OK'd by Congress last week.

But Bush thinks the $35 billion expansion of the so-called "SCHIP" program would turn it into a middle-class entitlement, not the insurance program for poor children it was intended to be.

She's not optimistic it will happen but Demko hopes Bush will change his mind.

Emily Demko had been covered by SCHIP until the family's income rose above the program's limit.

Margaret Demko says the bill passed by Congress would make them eligible again.

She says they've been paying $3,700 a month for therapy for Emily and can't get private insurance coverage.
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