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July 21, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Athens environmentalist protests The Summit
(WOUB) - Athens area environmental activist Chad Kister is protesting the possibility of excavated dirt being dumped at The Ridges.

The site where the dirt might be taken is owned by Ohio University and is roughly 6-8 acres located behind the Dairy Barn and next to Carriage Hill Apartments.

According to Kister, this area is home to more than 40 native tree species and the bobcat, an endangered species.

He says O-U Attorney John Burns has given him erroneous information about the dirt...which would come from a proposed housing development.

Burns, however, says Kister has it all wrong -- that E-P-A approval IS needed and so is an okay from the Army Corps of Engineers....and no request has been made.

Mayor Ric Abel says the developer of Summit at Coates Run has given the city a preliminary plan for moving the soil and that is being reviewed by a city engineer.

Kister says the whole process leaves a lot to be desired.

W-O-U-B News called the developer, Edwards Communities, for comment but they never got back to us.

Although Kister's so-called "Presentation to Protect the Ridges" yesterday attracted only a university official and our reporter, others have opposed the project and have gone to court to get it stopped.

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