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October 20, 2017
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WOUB Local News
Chauncey Lawsuit
(WOUB) - Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren is turning up the heat on Chauncey.

Solicitor Robert Shostak says Warren has filed a lawsuit against his village, demanding officials turn over $3000 in drug money.

The cash was given to Chauncey by a man who was charged with misdemeanor drug offenses.

Warren maintains the man should have been charged with felonies and the case was handled improperly by village officials.

Shostak disputes that and says he will contest the lawsuit.

He says the law supports Chauncey's actions.

Meanwhile, Shostak says Warren has withdrawn a contempt of court motion against Chauncey Mayor Fredericka Shover...who had been subpoenaed before a grand jury on Monday.

Warren apparently thought she ignored the subpoena but Shostak says she did not, and calls it a misunderstanding.

Shostak says yesterday he turned over public records demanded by Warren...although Shostak argued successfully to keep certain documents that he says are protected because of the the attorney-client relationship
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