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July 17, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Athens council still debating Halloween event planner
(WOUB) - It was both trick and treat last night for a proposal to hire an Athens Halloween event planner.

The trick came when an effort failed to suspend the rules and pass the ordinance after two readings instead of three.

The treat was approval of a companion resolution that outlines the duties, goals and objectives for the planner.

Councilmember Bojinka Bishop says at the top of the planner's "to-do" list would be raising money to offset the $80,000 the city has been spending on Halloween.

"It seems to me we're kind of at a crossroads, where we either continue to kind of eat that cost and complain about it, and feel that we're spending money on something we shouldn't be spending money on, and taking a more proactive approach and trying to generate some funds for that position," said Bishop. "And as everybody knows, sometimes you have to spend money to make money."

The planner's salary would be $16,000.

At least two councilmembers are not buying the plan. One of them is Debbie Phillips.

"Any effort to change the event or make it a different event really should be a community volunteer-based effort," said Phillips. "For us to spend money trying to change the event, to own it or to manage it isn't what I'm hearing from any of my constituents that they want."

Third reading for the event planner ordinance is now expected to happen on July 16.
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