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September 20, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Local farmer wins environmental award
(WOUB) - Every day is Earth Day to a farmer. So says Curt Cline, an Athens County farmer who, with his wife Wendy, has received an Environmental Stewardship Award.

The award recognizes family farmers that work to protect the environment and conserve resources.

The Clines operate a 157-acre sheep farm near Albany using many environmentally-friendly practices.

Curt Cline has also implemented precision farming by using a global positioning system for grid soil sampling.

"One thing is it's good for the environment," said Cline. "It enables me not to put fertilizer on spots that I don't need to put fertilizer on and then apply too much to those areas. And then another thing it is doing too. It's helping me identify areas in the field that would have been below the average with the blanket sample. It allows me to put more in these areas, so it's also raising my yields along with it."

Cline says the farm has been in his family for eight generations and he wants to continue the tradition.

"It's really important to me to maintain our farm into a working, profitable, enjoyable operation and be able to hand it down to my kids and give them the opportunity, if they choose, to do something with the farm," Cline said.
If you don't take care of the land, it won't be there later in life."

The stewardship award was given by the Ohio Livestock Coalition and the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association.
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