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September 19, 2018
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WOUB Local News
OU revokes master's degree due to plagiarism
(WOUB) - Ohio University President Roderick McDavis is revoking the master's degree of a former mechanical engineering student because of plagiarism.

The move comes after a year long review of 55 cases of alleged plagiarism in master's or doctoral theses at OU's Russ College of Engineering. It's the first time a degree has been revoked at an Ohio collegiate institution since 1985 when it happened at Kent State.

A committee reviewing the alleged plagiarism cases had previously recommended that a former master's student lose the degree.

University officials say the Meyer-Bloemer committee felt the case "was obviously serious enough" to have the degree revoked.

The university says it's still in the process of determining the outcome of some of the alleged cases of plagiarism in the other theses in question at the engineering school.

Of the original 55 documents, the hearing committee has recommended five dismissals, 12 rewrites and the degree revocation. The committee will hear nine more cases and review seven others spring quarter. Those seven could require additional hearings.

OU officials also say that to make "certain that any other problems were uncovered", the school reviewed an additional sample of 180 theses dating back to the 1980s. Twenty-two of those additional theses will be prepared formally for the hearing committee.

However, OU Engineering professor David Koonce says the number of additional theses with problems isn't statistically significant and there isn't a need to further investigate into previous theses.
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