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July 22, 2018
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WOUB Local News
Ohio launches effort to increase college graduates
(WOUB) - Ohio high-schoolers will be barraged with fliers, advertisements, and Internet links pushing higher education as part of a new effort to bring the state out of its college graduate doldrums.

Governor Strickland said Wednesday the state will join the national Know-How-To-Go initiative that pushes college education to 8th- through 10th-graders, and expand it to reach more young adults. Low-income students will be targeted.

Strickland said some students suffer from not only lack of money, but "a poverty of resources and maybe even a poverty of spirit."

The Democratic governor is only the second among nine siblings to finish high school. He said the unified Know-How-To-Go effort, which links community groups, schools, businesses and government agencies, accompanies his proposal to tie state stipends for public colleges and universities to the promise of two years of tuition controls.

College tuitions in the state have risen 9 percent a year on average since 1996.

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