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September 21, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Sunday Creek group holds 'Winter Conversations'
(WOUB) - Southeast Ohio may be one of the poorest regions in the state, but members of the Sunday Creek Associates group believe they can help the region bounce back by using the local history, culture and natural beauty.

John Winnenberg is one of the central figures in the Sunday Creek revitalization effort. Sunday Creek Associates is a non-profit community development organization located in southern Perry County.

Winnenberg says capitalizing on what the area has to offer can mean big economic gains, but he recognizes there is a fine line between enjoying nature and exploiting it.

"We're trying to look at ways to bring people together and talk about a future where folks come here and visit the forest and learn about history in a way that helps the community and the area and doesn't treat too heavily on the forested lands," Winninberg said.

The last thing Winnenberg wants is exploitation, because that is what caused the region's current predicament. The coal mining boom eventually went bust and the local economy never really recovered.

Sunday Creek Associates recently sponsored two public meetings -- so-called "Winter Conversations" -- which organizers hope will stimulate action.

"These conversations are more focused on our hiking trails, camping, hunting, fishing, outdoor pursuits as well as folks who are interested in bird watching and wild flower gazing, things such as that," said Winninberg.

Seventy-five people attended the first two Conversations and the last one will be held on Thursday in Nelsonville.
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