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December 14, 2017
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Athens County youngsters get history lesson
(WOUB) - An Athens County before-and-after school program had a day of fun-learning in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

The program is for about 60 students in first through fourth grade and will include international dance lessons, an interactive presentation on the Underground Railroad and a special presentation on Rosa Parks.

The program was started last year by Trimble Elementary School social worker Kerri Shaw who wanted to teach the kids about cultural awareness.

"Last year I was talking to some of my colleagues and we just started talking about how Martin Luther King was such an important figure in American History and that it was such as shame that the student didn't have school that day so that we cold take the opportunity to teach about him," said Shaw. "And then I heard about in Vinton County they did a day camp a day of service for the students down there in McArthrur, and so I started talking to the principal out here and she though it was a great idea."

This is the second year for the program and Shaw says it's because of the overwhelming student interest.

"The kids talked about the event for months and months afterwards," Shaw said. "I mean it really made an impression on them. They continued to take books out of the library on Dr. King and some of the teachers have commented about the kids talking about Dr. King and his message with their families."

Students at Ohio University involved in service programs are co-sponsors of the event.
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