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April 23, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
OU seeking out unmanned aerial vehicles
(WOUB) - Researchers at Ohio University are working on technology for fighting crime from the sky.

Law enforcement agencies in the United States are considering using unmanned aerial vehicles -- U-A-Vs -- also known as drones.

And O-U's Michael Braasch is trying to make it happen...

He says, "There's a great need with limited law enforcement personnel and limited budgets for things like helicopters and what ordinarily would be the policeman's eye in the sky... with limited budgets, UAVs hold the potential to be able to allow the limited number of law enforcement personnel have a greater presence and be more effective in their jobs."

Braasch is the director of O-U's Avionics Engineering Center.

He says once the U-A-Vs become more common, they will cost about five-thousand dollars each.

Right now, O-U is testing to make sure the U-A-Vs don't run into planes in the sky.

That's one of the safety concerns that has to be worked out before the drones are ready for widespread use.

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