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April 18, 2021
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Residents of Hocking Hills Upset by Oil and Gas Drilling
(WOUB) - Residents and visitors say its the peace and quiet that they love so much about the Hocking Hills in Hocking County.

But now they're riled up because of plans to open the state park there to oil and natural gas drilling.

Local resident Gwen Corbett can't see the benefit from that.

She says, "They need to get away from the noise, the pollution, and all the visual chasos. They come to a place that is trees, streams flowing and waterfalls going and they want to be in nature."

Corbett participated in a press event yesterday at the state park.

The Hocking Hills folks, and protestors who gathered at seven other state parks, denounced drilling, and they called on state lawmakers to declare which parks they want to open to drilling.

They claim drilling "causes unavoidable and long-lasting scars," and "drives away visitors with noxious odors and compression station noise."

Supporters of the drilling legislation say it could generate an estimated nine million dollars in lease revenue for the state.
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