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June 1, 2016
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PRI's The World: 05/31/2016 We hear one refugee's response to discrimination she's witnessed in Europe, and we also hear the lengths that Thailand's military rulers will go to shut down dissent. Plus, do you know the difference between a phizzwizzard and a trogglehumper? Those are words you would encounter in stories written by Roald Dahl. In honor of the centenary of the author's birth, a special Roald Dahl dictionary has just been published in Britain.
PRI's The World: 05/30/2016 Today, we ask why Memorial Day can sometimes feel awkward for veterans. We also get an update from Guantanamo where pre-trial proceedings begin for the self-described 9/11 mastermind and his alleged co-conspirators. Plus, we hear music from a New Zealander whose work could be described as "Americana," but he says this kind of music doesn't belong just to Americans.
PRI's The World: 05/27/2016 President Obama visited Hiroshima today, making him the first sitting US president to do so. While Obama didn't apologize for the nuclear attack on the city more than 70 years ago, he did call for an end to all nuclear weapons. We ask our community of veterans their reactions to the president's trip. Plus we learn about a new generation of Japanese students who are trying to make political protests more a part of everyday life, and a Russian trying to save an endangered indigenous language in Japan called Ainu.
World Headlines
World's longest rail tunnel to open The world's longest and deepest rail tunnel is to be officially opened in Switzerland, after almost two decades of construction work.
40 dead tiger cubs found at Thai temple Forty tiger cub corpses are found in a freezer at a famous Thai Buddhist temple that is being closed down amid accusations of trafficking and abuse.
Rail strike takes hold in France An open-ended rail strike takes hold in France, with many services cancelled, just nine days before the Euro 2016 football tournament kicks off.
'Trump University' Documents Put On Display Aggressive Sales Techniques They say no cash is no reason to let potential students off the hook: "they will find the money." The documents, part of a lawsuit alleging fraud, recommend treating reporters with courtesy.
Government Goes After Insurance Payout Of San Bernardino Shooter Federal prosecutors say, under law, the more than a quarter-million-dollar proceeds from two life insurance policies should not benefit Syed Rizwan Farook's chosen beneficiaries. A court will decide.
As Olympics Near, Violence Grips Rio's 'Pacified' Favelas Rio de Janeiro made a big push to provide security in its shantytowns. But some, which were touted as models, are again plagued by gang violence that has terrified residents.
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