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Death Valley Radio with Ron Alden Ron Alden Jan 27, 2013
8:00PM - 10:00PM

NameSong TitleName of CDTrack LabelPurchase
Frigg"Polka V (Displeasement Polka)"Polka VFrigg Music/Music FinlandAmazoniTunes
The Unthanks"Lucky Gilchrist"Here's the Tender ComingRough TradeAmazoniTunes
The Who"Happy Jack"The Ultimate CollectionMCAAmazoniTunes
Tin Hat"anyone lived in a pretty how town"the rain is a handsome animalNew AmsterdamAmazoniTunes
Heidi Talbot"My Sister the Moon"Angels Without WingsCompassAmazoniTunes
Jon Boden"Don't Wake Me Up 'til Tomorrow"FloodplainNavigatorAmazoniTunes
Emilíana Torrini"Big Jumps"Me and ArminiRough TradeAmazoniTunes
Jim White"Hey! You Going My Way???"No Such PlaceLuaka BopAmazoniTunes
Ken Field"Sanity"Sensorium: Music for Dance & FilmInnovaAmazoniTunes
David Byrne and St. Vincent"I Should Watch TV"Love This GiantTodo Mundo/4ADAmazoniTunes
R We Who R We"R We Who R We"R We Who R WeNew FocusAmazoniTunes
Vampire Weekend"California English"ContraXLAmazoniTunes
Optimo / Konono No. 1"Wumbanzanga"Tradi-Mods vs. Rockers: Alternative Takes on CongotronicsCrammed DiscsAmazoniTunes
Paul Simon"Born at the Right Time"Rhythm of the SaintsWarner Bros.AmazoniTunes
The SA-RA Creative Partners"Dirty Beauty"Nuclear Evolution: The Age of LoveUbiquityAmazoniTunes
Frank Ocean"Sweet Life"channel ORANGEDef JamAmazoniTunes
Kim Hiorthøy"Giving and Taking Book"HeiSmalltown SupersoundAmazoniTunes
Eivind Aarset"The Whispering Forest"Dream LogicECMAmazoniTunes
Cody ChesnuTT"That's Still Mama"Landing on a HundredOne Little IndianAmazoniTunes
Bobby Womack"Across 110th Street"The Best of Bobby Womack: The Soul YearsCapitolAmazoniTunes
Marvin Gaye"Trouble Man"The Best of Marvin GayeMotownAmazoniTunes
Regina Carter "Donít Mess with Mr. 'T'"Motor City MomentsVerveAmazoniTunes
Jacob Garchik"Optimism"The Heavens: The Atheist Gospel Trombone AlbumYestereveAmazoniTunes
Eric Person"Song of Praise"Thoughts on GodDistinctionAmazoniTunes
Sam Rivers's Rivbea All-Star Orchestra"Neptune"CulminationRCA VictorAmazoniTunes

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