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Special guest: Mel Prussack on WNTI's My Back Pages-The Bob Dylan Hour - Sun., July 5 / 3-4 pm
Special guest: Mel Prussack on WNTI's <i>My Back Pages-The Bob Dylan Hour</i> - Sun., July 5 / 3-4 pm<br /> Mel Prussack
NJ's Mel Prussack presides over the world's largest Bob Dylan memorabilia collection

Special guest: Mel Prussack
My Back Pages - The Bob Dylan Hour
Sunday July 5th at 3pm

Who would guess that right here in New Jersey there lives a man who presides over the world's largest Bob Dylan memorabilia collection? His name is Mel Prussack and what a collection it is!

Having first seen Dylan perform on the Les Crane TV Show in the early 1960's.. Mel began a life long fascination with all things Bob. In addition to being a major collector of rare LP's, CD's, books and posters, Prussack was one of the only people to capture early Dylan with a Super 8 camera. Mel is also a very talented artist, who creates mini Dylan sculptures known as 'Zim-Art' based on lyrics from Bobs songs.... They have to be seen to be believed!

Back in the 1980's, Mel was a winner in a Bob Dylan Imitators concert held in the Village. But, he actually won with a brilliant parody based on the song 'Joey'. This led to an appearance on Bob Fass' radio show on WBAI in NYC. A few years later, Mel Prussack was the subject of an NPR 'All Things Considered' story done by Art Silverman.

Mel Prussack will display some of his outrageous collection in the lobby of the State Theatre in New Brunswick, on Saturday, July 18 at 6:30pm. This will precede the live performance by Highway 61 Revisited, the world's only Bob Dylan tribute band, at 8pm. Fronted by Joel Gilbert as Mr. Dylan, other members include Scarlett Rivera, Winston Watson, and Rob Stoner. Scarlett, Winston, and Rob have all played with Dylan on stage, and they help create a musical experience not soon forgotten.

Join us this Sunday on My Back Pages - The Bob Dylan Hour as Mel Prussack joins us for a conversation on what the Dylan Shrine is all about. And be sure to come on out to the State Theatre on July 18 for a special night devoted to the love and music of the one and only Bob Dylan! For more information, please visit or call them at 732-246-7469.

Mel Prussack's Dylan shrine in Old Bridge. Check out Mel's podcasts, blogs and videos at: Mel's Web site

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