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Very Special Platters 5/15/04
Very Special Platters 5/15/04
"Hello... welcome to the WNTI Bar & Grill. My name is The Mickster. I'll be your server for this evening." "Excuse me waiter, there's a guitar pick in my soup... with a Kaos From Order logo on it?"

"That'll be an extra five bucks!"


The WNTI Bar & Grill was open for business. This weeks main course was Kaos From Order with their cooked to perfection new cd "Days of Long Nights." But first, might I suggest starting off with something from our tasty assortment of 45's? Let's see... tonight we have... Don Woody "You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree." A little Peppermint Harris (makin' luv ta dat gitar!) with "Just Me and You." Might I also suggest another mouthwatering appetizer, the Jay Dee Bryant "Get It" 45. Maybe something Irish? A little Horslips? (Hey, don't knock it 'til ya try it) With their very special "Sure the Boy Was Green." We also have some delicious Cream covers on the menu. The Scot Richards Case's "I'm So Glad" and The Zig Zag Paper Co's "I Feel Free." Anyway... take your time deciding, while we go sing "Happy Birthday" at Jack Bruce's table.

Let's see... what else is cookin' on tonight's ever expanding menu. Goblin "Shriek" off the soundtrack "Dawn of the Dead." Mmm.... mmm... good! Oh Look at this, a new special. It's the "Semi Annual Tick Report" from Rob "Le Foil" Barth. Armed with nothing more than a 4x8 white piece of plywood, with the DR&R insignia emblazoned on it, "Le Foil" did a remote report from a field somewhere in Sussex County. Wearing white pants, white turtleneck, a white bathing cap from his wife and white boat shoes he had to borrow (yeah sure), Rob rocked and rolled around on the plywood gathering ticks. (Somebody's gotta do it.) Unfortunately, towards the end of "Le Foil's" remote he was escorted away by the Lafayette police. Good news though. Rob will be out in time to complete his Memorial Day "Tower of Babble" Radio Program.

Also on tonight's menu was the Funkadelic's first 45, after they changed their name from The Parliaments, "Music For My Mother." We were also treated to such delectables as White Stripes "Astro," Saadar Bazaar's "The Process," and more White Stripes with "Aluminum." Ut oh, here's something on the menu that's really "ear-delicious"(┐2004 Neil Sedaka). It's a John Lennon radio ad for "Mind Games" with Lennon crackin' everybody up in the studio doing his impression of the Queen. Bad taste? I don't think so!

A la carte Mickster prepared The Bristols "Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad." A cover of Calab [Quay] tune who later joined Hookfoot who later became Elton John┐s backup band . There was also a Tim Buckley ad for Travis Street Electric Company and a Tim Buckley tune, "Song of The Musician" off Tim's first LP which just so happens to be the Mickster's personal favorite. And finally we were served up "The Supernatural" by Clas Yugstrom.

The kitchen doors swung open and out came the main course, Kaos From Order with "Real Man." Scrumptious baby! Afterwards, Pam Dixon and Ross Byron of Kaos From Order joined Mickster and Laura at tonight's feast. (Laura, aka The Vinyl Vixen, follows Mick every week with her "This Is Vinyl Tap" show). Note: With four people talking Mickster was was keeping chaos from order quite nicely. (He's a professional!) Hiiiiiiooooo!!!!!

Kaos From Order is from NYC. "Their music is uniquely familiar, loud, melodic and discordal." Pam Dixon on lead vocals, Hiashi Tanaka on bass & vocals, Ross Byron on guitar & vocals (complete with his new make over; leather pants, italian boots and all!) and Paul Cooper on drums & vocals (Paul is father extraordinaire, has a real business head, is reasonable, objective AND the bands biggest clown!) WAITER! I think I need to see the wine list... pronto! Hiiiiiiooooo!!!!!

They claim the band is "in your basic hard rock territory, seventies style, kick-your-duff and take no prisoners kind you don't hear much of anymore." Foremost is the voice of lead singer Pam Dixon - gutsy, ballsy and soulful, sometimes reminiscent of Ann Wilson at her hardest rocking bluesy best. But to compare Sister Pamela to Ms. Wilson or any other gal singer would not do Lady Pamela justice. She's an original with a great set of "pipes." Check out their site: Tunes, a gig listing, photos, you name it. Even videos! Don't forget to check out their latest CD too, "Days Of Long Nights."

Another Kaos From Order tune, "Fickle Fate," was dished up. Pam was really tearin' it up on that one! Written while her father was ill with cancer, this track is very close to Pam's heart. Next outta the kitchen was "Pipe Bomb." Pam thinks, "'s better live," but hell the studio version sounded great to me! In fact Mick's picking this particular track as the hit!

Charles "if yer not cryin' you're not doin' your best" Castro was the engineer on KFO's "Days Of Long Nights" cd. In the studio Charles made Ross do some "painful over dubbing" that took quite a while but was obviously worth it. (Look for Russ's solo cd "Blood On The Frets!" I'll get going on the cover asap.) Hiiiiiooooo!!!!

When Ross isn't overdubbing (or out "getting hammered" on Saturday nights) he supplies his rock 'n roll habit by being a film editor. In addition Ross also has a live TV show on NYC Public Access TV 11PM [check NYC TV listings for the day]. The show is sort of a Don Kirshner Rock Concert meets the Barnum & Baily Circus. Live bands, fan call ins, interviews etc. Ross does the show with Ingid Sven his Swedish (accent on "dish") cohost. Ross noted he would be "... up s#%@'s creek" with out her. (Mickster was gonna be up s#%@'s creek soon too if Ross kept talkin and you didn't find the dump button!!) Hiiiiioooooooooooooooooo#@!*#%!!!!!

Ahhhh... what a meal! Great music, great talk, great laughs... as the commercial says... "Priceless."

For dessert we enjoyed the exquisite "Fred McDowell" by Killing Floor and for a night cap we thought we'd have some King Richards Collectibles "Asteroid Number Four." (But they were fresh out.) So instead we had a little John Hiesman and Tempest "Gorgon".

I'll have an Adam and Eve on a raft with some KFO on the side to go... and the check please!

Sgt. Bilko

PS: Note to Sister Pam regarding The "Real Man" job applicants. Count me in too baby! I'm very sensitive, I enjoy surfing, sky diving, I don┐t smoke, like pets, hate the Mets, long walks on the beach ┐.. (More like long drinks at The Canal Houz!) Hiiiiioooooooooooo!!!!!

No┐really, Pam┐ me. My # is 867-5309. Caio.