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Contours - Sun. Feb. 8, 2009
WNTI's Radio Magazine
<i>Contours</i> - Sun. Feb. 8, 2009 <br>WNTI's Radio Magazine Special offers available for newly displaced workers
Centenary College CAPS Program (Melanie Thiel interviews Peter Albrecht), Belvidere High School Music Department (Melanie Thiel interviews Bob Riday and Charlie Zetterstrom), Book Review (Scott Acton interviews Mark Blake), Steve Elson

A weekly roundup of the arts and issues in your community Sunday mornings at 8-9 AM on WNTI.

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Air Date: Sunday February 8, 2009

1. Centenary College CAPS Program: Melanie Thiel interviews Peter Albrecht, Dean of adult and on-line enrollment about the special offers available for newly displaced workers.

2. Belvidere High School Music Department: Melanie Thiel interviews Bob Riday and Charlie Zetterstrom about a fund raising event on Thursday February 26 at Belvidere High School.The high school students and staff will be playing a basketball game against the Harlem Wizards Basketball Team.

3. Book Review: Scott Acton interviews Mark Blake about his book on the history of the band Pink Floyd. (see book review article 'Comfortably Numb- The Inside Story of Pink Floyd')

4. Mott & Broome: Bowery Bossa Nova from Mott & Broome; A cut from Steve Elson is featured at the end of the show

Executive Producer and Host: Melanie Thiel
Science Editor: Karl Hricko
Contributing Editor: Scott Acton
Production Assistant: Ryan Johansen

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