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Contours - Sun. Jan. 25, 2009
WNTI's Radio Magazine
<i>Contours</i> - Sun. Jan. 25, 2009 <br>WNTI's Radio Magazine The History of Texas Music
written by Gary Hartman
1st Printer in NJ (Dr. Karl Hricko interviews Gordon Bond); History of Texas Music (Scott Acton interviews Gary Hartman); Food Segment (Melanie Thiel interviews Jewels Quelly - Chinese New Year)

A weekly roundup of the arts and issues in your community Sunday mornings at 8-9 AM on WNTI.

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AIR DATE: Sunday January 25, 2009

1. 1st Printer in NJ: Dr. Karl Hricko interviews book author Gordon Bond about his book on New Jersey's first print shop operated by James Parker.

2. History of Texas Music: Scott Acton interviews book author Gary Hartman about his book on the history of Texas music.

3. Food Segment: Melanie Thiel interviews Jewels Quelly in Contours monthly food segment. This month the focus is on Chinese New Year celebrations and the food associated with it. There is also a recipe for Vegetable Eggrolls from Jewels posted on the WNTI website.

Executive Producer and Host: Melanie Thiel
Science Editor: Karl Hricko
Contributing Editor: Scott Acton
Production Assistant: Ryan Johansen

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