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Mel Thiel looks back on the week in New Orleans, LA. - Sun. Jan. 4 through 11, 2009

Mel Thiel looks back on the week in New Orleans, LA. - Sun. Jan. 4 through 11, 2009 <br><br> 9th Ward - New Orleans - January 2009
'Centenary College and Drew University...Together in Grace in NOLA.'


January 4-11, 2009

9th Ward - New Orleans - January 2009
August 29, 2005 is a date etched in the minds of millions of people. It is the day Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and destroyed thousands of homes, businesses, and most of all, lives.

3 1/2 years later Centenary College and Drew University have, for the fourth year in a row, teamed up to travel to New Orleans to do whatever it takes to help these people put their homes and lives back together.

This year's was the most productive trip to date. Hanging sheet rock and spackling in one home, interior painting and flooring in another, and the biggest project for this trip, renovating Hagar's House for Women, a women's shelter who's photo and location cannot be revealed for obvious reasons.

The work days started at 8:00am and continued until dusk with only a quick lunch break in-between. Some people worry about the future of our nation and the next generation of leaders not being of the same quality of previous generations. I say fear not, the future is in expert hands with young adults like this. No fear, no complaints, just character and leadership qualities beyond what words can describe with tears flowing as our trip came to an end because they could not stay to do even more.

This is one of the greatest gifts of life; giving back to others for no reason except it's the right thing to do. Not looking for anything in return except the feeling deep within your soul and heart that you made a difference.

Centenary College and Drew University...Together in Grace in NOLA Melanie Thiel, WNTI

Paul Maassen and Mel Thiel - Paul now GM at WWNO in New OrleansMel Visits with Paul Maassen
Long time listeners of WNTI remember former GM Paul Maassen. Paul was also involved in the New Jersey music scene as a member of the band Kings in Disguise. Paul is now GM at WWNO from the University of New Orleans. He sends a big "Hey Y'all" to everyone back in the WNTI listening area!

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