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May 22, 2015
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PRI's The World: 05/21/2015 Iraqi forces are reportedly preparing to try and retake the city of Ramadi after it was seized by ISIS fighters a few days ago, while ISIS has already taken the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria as well. We also have a conversation with a popular Mexican-American cartoonist who's now moving into TV. Finally, we'll tell you about a project to protect butterflies and honeybees by forming a 1,500 mile protective "butterfly corridor" across the country.
PRI's The World: 05/20/2015 Migrants in Asia, migrants in Europe; sometimes it seems the whole world is on the move, and some smugglers have gone so far as to advertise on Facebook. We'll find out about that, plus how the the LGBT community in Jamaica is standing up for their rights. We also have a conversation with a French graphic artist whose new book has been described as "wicked dressed up as cute."
PRI's The World: 05/19/2015 Voters in Ireland are about to vote on whether to approve same-sex marriage, and the polls are predicting a "yes" victory. In Northern Ireland, meanwhile, it's the case of a cake with a pro-gay marriage design that's making headlines. Plus, a sitar player remembers how David Letterman gave him his big break.
World Headlines
Bomber attacks Saudi Shia mosque A suicide bomber strikes a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, leaving at least 10 dead, amid rising Sunni-Shia tensions in the region.
Key Iraq-Syria crossing 'falls to IS' Islamic State militants reportedly seize the last Syrian government-controlled border crossing with Iraq, after taking ancient Palmyra.
Myanmar in first migrant boat rescue Myanmar rescues two migrant boats with more than 200 people in its waters in the first such operation following criticism.
Grocery store exodus has Flint searching for answers
Flint's 100,000 people now have only one major grocery within city limits.
Insuring governments against disease outbreaks
The idea is to help protect against the costs of pandemics.
Another Y2K moment? The 'leap second.'
An extra second will be added to the clocks, and financial markets are preparing.
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