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January 29, 2015
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PRI's The World: 01/28/2015 Jordan offers to swap an imprisoned Iraqi woman for a Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS. Kurdish troops handed ISIS its first major defeat in Syria, but does that mean much in the broader war? And a celebrated matzo bakery on New York's Lower East side prepares to move, but it leaves a lot of memories behind.
PRI's The World: 01/27/2015 Today marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. World leaders, religious figures and survivors are marking the occasion at a solemn ceremony outside the gates of the former Nazi concentration camp. We'll hear the stories of two survivors. Also, a Russian spy is arrested in New York City, and the best chocolate chip cookie in the world is apparently made by Mexican-Americans in Brooklyn.
PRI's The World: 01/26/2015 What's going on in Greece? A left-wing anti-austerity party has come to power, and that could mean big changes for both the Greek economy and Europe at large. We also remember Egyptian-born Greek pop singer Demis Roussos, while Saudi and Yemeni students on US campuses talk to us about big changes back home. And an underwater photographer tells us the story of his explosive encounter with a sperm whale.
World Headlines
Inquest hears of Sydney siege deaths The start of the inquest into the Sydney cafe siege hears that hostage Katrina Dawson was killed by fragments of a police bullet or bullets.
Argentina's Nisman 'feared guards' Top Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who died in unexplained circumstances, borrowed a gun because he feared for his security, a colleague says.
Castro issues Guantanamo Bay demand Cuba demands the US hands back the Guantanamo Bay military base before relations with Washington are normalised.
A move to simplify the dreaded FAFSA
Lawmakers want to knock the 108-question student aid form down to two questions.
Taylor Swift, trademark diva
You can 'Party Like It's 1989,' but Taylor Swift owns the rights to it, and more.
When oil prices fall, Big Oil has an advantage
Oil-refining businesses and decades-long outlooks cushion price swings.
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