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February 27, 2017
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VX and Kim Jong-nam, ditching the ICC, theater before Shakespeare The chemical weapon VX and its use in the killing of the North Korean leader's half brother. Plus, why several African countries want to ditch the International Criminal Court. And, how the theater scene developed in London ? before Shakespeare's time.
Mexico scorns Trump's proposal, Poland's debate over history, confusing the Texas and Chilean flags Mexicans are reacting to President Donald Trump's moves on border security, deportations and trade. Also, Poland's version of the battle over alternative facts. Plus, why people are using the Chilean flag emoji when they're texting about Texas.
Deportation details, sheriff cheers Trump, Bye-bye Bao Bao We dive deep into the new guidance for immigration enforcement just unveiled by the Trump administration. Also, how President Trump's rhetoric on trade and China could have a big impact on US colleges and universities. Plus, the US says goodbye to Bao Bao the panda.
World Headlines
Trump lays out hike in military spending Donald Trump proposes a $54bn (43bn) military spending increase - a rise of about 10% on 2016.
Oscars 2017: Moonlight wins best picture after announcement mix-up Barry Jenkins' Moonlight wins best picture at the Oscars after an error involving wrong envelopes.
How wrong winner was announced The moment when La La Land producer realised Moonlight had won the Oscar for best picture
New blood test could improve treatment for heart disease
U.S. victims of terror attacks overseas get long-awaited restitution
02/27/17: The U.S. vs. the World Trade Organization
Relations may not be warm between the Trump administration and the World Trade Organization. Financial Times editor Shawn Donnan joins us to discuss news that the U.S. may start bypassing the WTO if it thinks other countries are cheating on trade. Next, we'll look at a simple blood test that could help identify coronary heart disease, and then explore the possibility of a gas tax in Tennessee.
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