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July 2, 2016
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Local Features
Whitfield on PGDP Legislation, Re-Election Campaign
Todd Hatton with Ed Whitfield Photo by Terry Little
(wkms) - Last week on the program, we heard from USEC Vice President of Enrichment Operations Steve Penrod about the future of their Paducah plant and its 12 hundred jobs. USEC's power contract with supplier TVA expires in May and global uranium demand is down. Last May, Kentucky's 1st District U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield introduced House Bill 2054, authorizing the re-enrichment of some 7 hundred thousand metric tons of depleted uranium "tails" into nuclear fuel. Since then, H.R. 2054 has made little headway. Todd Hatton caught up with Congressman Whitfield this past week when he visited Murray to announce his re-election campaign. He asked him what he's heard in Washington about the Energy Department's future plans for the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant and progress on the legislation he's proposed to keep it viable.

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