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July 1, 2016
Regional Headlines
Regional Headlines
Five Additional Amish Charged
(wkms) - Five more Amish men have been convicted for failure to display a slow moving vehicle sign this week. The Paducah Sun reports fines were issued for the five who say they have no intention of paying the penalties. The men belong to the Swartzentruber sect, which opposes the use of the bright orange triangles meant to draw attention to the slow moving buggies. The sect believes the shape of the sign implies belief in the trinity, a theological position not held by Swartzentrubers. Graves District Court Judge Deborah Crooks found each of the men guilty and ordered them to pay the fine before January 12th. If the men do not pay, they risk jail time, like their counterparts jailed earlier this year. © Copyright 2016, wkms