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February 11, 2016
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PRI's The World: 02/10/2016 Today we explore what the victories of presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in New Hampshire Tuesday mean for America's relationships around the globe. Democratic contender Sanders gives high marks to Sweden's "democratic socialism," but could that really work here in the US? Plus, we speak with a Liberian author who writes children's books on the realities of war and corruption in her country.
PRI's The World: 02/09/2016 What if New Hampshire weren't the first primary in the nation? Which other state might best reflect the nation's overall demographic make-up? We'll tell you. Also, Marco Werman gives us another quick glimpse of his visit to Iran's capital, Tehran. Today he takes us to a film festival taking place this week in the city. Plus, we get a look at how immigration is rapidly changing London.
PRI's The World: 02/08/2016 Marco Werman checks in from Tehran. He flew into Iran's capital over the weekend, and gives host Carol Hills his first impressions. Plus, one day ahead of the New Hampshire primary, we look at the US presidential race from a Dutch point of view. Also, Carol speaks with Nakkiah Lui, an aboriginal writer and satirist who stars in a show on Australian TV called "Black Comedy."
World Headlines
'Ripples' from black holes detected Scientists detect waves in the fabric of space, in a discovery predicted by Einstein that promises a new view of the universe and its origins.
Mexico prison riot leaves 52 dead A riot and a fire at a prison near Monterrey in northern Mexico have left 52 people dead and 12 injured, state officials say.
Kenya set to miss doping deadline Kenya is set to miss a deadline to prove to anti-doping agencies it is tackling cheating in athletics, the BBC has learned.
Celebrating 100 years of National Parks
A conversation with famed mountaineer Conrad Anker.
The big payoff behind all those catalogs in the mail
Even though many put catalogs straight into recycling, that doesn?t really matter.
Blocking U.S. emissions rule won't save coal industry
Utiltiies are cutting back on burning coal for other reasons besides carbon emissions rules.
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