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September 22, 2018
Shop Talk
Shop Talk
Shop Talk - January 10
(wium) - The panelists talk about recent attempts to stifle coverage of potentially significant events.

Much of the discussion centers around a dispute in the US House in December. The Raw Story reports Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) adjourned the chamber and walked out while Representative Stenny Hoyer (D-MD) called for a vote on the Senate's payroll tax cut extension. As Hoyer admonished the GOP for walking out, someone pulled the plug on C-Span's camera and microphone.

C-Span says it has no control over the cameras in the House. It says that power belongs to the Speaker.

The panelists consider this an abuse of power. C-Span simply records what happens - it does not take a position one way or the other. To pull the plug on it is to deprive voters of the chance to be informed.

The panelists are surprised the matter did not receive more play in the mainstream media.

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