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September 22, 2018
Shop Talk
Shop Talk
Shop Talk - September 20
(wium) - The panelists discuss a federal court ruling on the Green Party's lawsuit against Chicago public television station WTTW.

The Green Party sued after WTTW chose not to include the party's candidates for governor and the US Senate in televised debates during the 2010 elections. The Green Party is recognized as an established political party in Illinois but the station only invited the Democratic and Republican party nominees.

The Courthouse News Service reports a judge ruled the party has no constitutional right to participate in the debates. The judge dismissed the party's assertion that WTTW was acting as an agent of the state.

The panelists agree WTTW was acting on its own and not as an arm of the government. But they're disappointed the station refused to invite the Green Party candidates.

Debates on the state and national level often include only the Democratic and Republican candidates even though other candidates have qualified for the ballot. The system continues to favor the two major parties at the expense of allowing voters to hear other viewpoints.

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