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September 20, 2018
Shop Talk
Shop Talk
Shop Talk - August 30
(wium) - The Fairness Doctrine has been removed from the books in the United States. The panelists discuss the significance of the action.

The Fairness Doctrine was introduced in 1949 to ensure that broadcasters offered honest and balanced discussion of controversial issues. Such a rule was never imposed on newspapers.

The FCC has not enforced the Fairness Doctrine since the 1980s but the rule remained on the books until it was officially eliminated this month.

The panelists point out that when the FCC stopped enforcing the Fairness Doctrine, it was believed broadcasters might offer more public affairs programming. Instead, the opposite has happened.

In addition, some broadcasters now do little - if anything - to serve their local community. They offer little or no local content and, in some cases, have almost no local staff.

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